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a union protest forced the company into the final bankruptcy. and now, we get a notice that lis is great but mark would be. do you agree? >>shepard: happy cyber monday. a new warning over the fiscal cliff, the white house says consumer spending could take $200 billion hit if lawmakers fail to come up with a deal. we have the details on that ahead. and the egyptian president morsi. wow. violent protests after he essentially made himself a dictator. today he said he is not backing down. so, where is he with the israel and palestinian thing? worried about your teen's driving habits? now you can hire an off-duty cop to spy on them. but is that legal?
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that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, you will be glad to know your congress is back from break and so begins another round of negotiations aimed at keeping the country from going off the so-called fiscal cliff. president obama expressing optimism they can come up with a deal to prevent automatic spending cuts and expiring tax breaks just into fox, the white house spokesman, jake carney, reports president obama spoke with the house speaker boehner and the senate majority leader harry reid over the weekend. still, concerns of the crisis and the european debt crisis sent stocks down but not precipitously but down. we are seeing signs of progress in washington, dc, with rare bipartisan consensus on raising taxes on the wealthy but they remain at odds over the specifics. in other words, exactly highway do you do it. and mike emanuel is live on
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capitol hill. the white house is expressing putting pressure on congress. >>reporter: a report on the impact if the bush tax cuts are not extended. the study says the typical middle class family will see taxes go up by $2,200 next year affecting businesses and retailers. the argument is the families will spend less and it will hurt the economy. >> you can see it across housing, and services, and things like paying for cell phone, groceries, durable goods, auto purchases. evidence like this is a reason why retailers are so concerned that congress has not yet extended the middle-class tax cuts. >>reporter: and carney noted the president spoke with harry reid and speaker boehner over the weekend. everyone is anticipating another high profile white house meet this week on the fiscal cliff
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sources in congress say there is you not one on the schedule so far. >>shepard: over the weekend some republicans are telling grover norquist to take a hike with the "we won't raise taxes" pledge. >>reporter: the fine tuning is they are saying we are okay with close loopholes but they don't want to raise tax rates. the republicans are saying the survey done by a group calls the winston group, a republican research firm, says 65 percent of americans back tax reform and spending cuts over the raising of taxes. here is the senate republican leader on what the g.o.p. is offering. >> without compromising our principles we put skin in the game and recognition to the fact while democrats don't run this town, neither do we. we have been responsible even as we remain firm on this point. no tax increases now for promised spending cuts that you will not materialize later. the american people have seen
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that game before. they won't be fooled again. >> house republicans are planning to bring in on wednesday a number of c.e.o.'s of caterpillar, goldman sachs and all state and other key players on fiscal includes including erskine bowles co-author of the simpson-bowles and the republicans want the business community to hear their ideas and make the case a big deal should include spending cuts and reforms. >>shepard: thank you, mike, from capitol hill. grover norquist will join neil cavuto next hour and talk about breaking the anti-tax pledge by some republicans. >> the generation leader who brokered the cease-fire between israel and hamas is in a world of hurt now standing by a you positive we are grab that sparked violent protests. egyptian president morsi is trying to ease the violent backlash over his new power. here is the back story.
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president morsi essentially gave himself total power over egypt issuing a number of decrees including all decisions he makes are final so the judges do not have any say and another that states that no legislature and no court can overturn any law he makes. so, poof, he dictator, saying he is trying to speed up the government transition but opponents argue he has appointed himself a new dictator and egyptian health officials say violent clashes between police and the pro democracy demonstrators led to one death and hundred credits of injuries. and now to cairo, what happened with the meeting with the judges today with president morsi? >>reporter: details still coming out but this was supposed to be a dave compromise when the egyptian president reached out to opponents, some of the chief judge whose have opposed his move to put himself above the law and the courts and make a compromise on that decree,
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perhaps modify it. initial reports say there was no back down by the president, insteads saying he stands firm on his right to impose that decree and any laws he issues are final and above the law. really, you can hear it filter into the crowd. they are getting news of this and the anger and energy of the crowd has risen in the past hour. >>shepard: and they will not back down unless and until president morsi rescinds the decrees. >>reporter: that is right. they are looking for complete withdrawal of the decree by the president. there is a major demonstration scheduled for tomorrow. in was supposed to be competing demonstrations, with backers of the president from the muslim brotherhood called for a million man march but they are so concerned about the possibility of more blood shed on the streets here the supporters of the president have cancelled their march so we will see opponents on the street in major
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force tomorrow. >>shepard: we will bring in michael hand long from the brookings institution in washington, dc, an independent think tank. you just got back from turkey; that right? >>guest: that is right. >>shepard: i guess this has the potential to be his moment as a headline read from over the weekend, egypt is the largest population in the region holding the greatest sway here. they are either going to go one way or the other and that is the biggest issue. >>guest: you are right. egypt's role in the broader middle east could not be overemphasized. i am hopeful the president morsi is trying to make the right calls. i am not sure he made the right one here but the back story, even more, the courts are largely mubarak-appointees. they have been by some accounts interfering with the effort to create a new constitution.
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and disbanding previous groups that charged with the task. morsi is persuaded they are doing that too much and he is most concerned about seeing essentially a democratic movement to create a new constitution. and his new powers are only temporary. so we can hold him to that standard. i am holding out hope. >>shepard: and there is the issue whether he can continue with the pressure that brought together this cease-fire between the palestinians and hamas, specifically, and the israeli government. >>guest: that is right. that is why i am hopeful. he has an enormous challenge before him, however, he has seemed to want to do the responsible thing so far. there hasn't been any changing of the israel and palestinian peace treaty or demonizing of israel and saying the palestinians are all good and israel's position is entirely indefensible and he has not sounded like the iranians, for example. i am hopeful he is trying to
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find a middle job. but keeping weapons out of the gaza strip is a difficult proposition yet if you try to blockade the place you caught the other problem of great antagonism in the palestinian and arab movements and population. so it is a thankful and impossible task but the instinct is to navigate the middle ground. >>shepard: our government and other western nations is your sense have enough sway although hamas, it is the muslim brotherhood by another name, they are so well connected? >>guest: we have to pick and choose our battles because if we try to call every shot we are not going to have enough sway. he is the response to mubarak who we supported for three decades and that fact we got mubarak out is not enough to compensate. morrissey will have -- morsi wil
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have a different agenda. we do not want an oppressive sunni society and we want a peace treaty, we do not want support of terrorist movements and we can be flexible on some of the other thing i am hopeful about the relationship. >>shepard: thank you, michael hand long. there was something different about macy's thanksgiving day parade. for one thing it doesn't go up broadway because they put the weird turning lanes in there so they had to go up sixth avenue which was weird for us. weirder, a couple of people showed up to watch the event found confidential police records in the confetti including social security numbers. early holiday shopping numbers are in. they are big. we will look how the retailers are doing.
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>>shepard: police in nassau county on long island are vetting how people's private information wound up raining down on the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the personal information includes social security numbers and bank account numbers and even license plate numbers of undercover cops. new york city attorney said his son, and his son, say they found yet difficult and turned it over to police. they say it looked like shredded records from a police department, part of the police seal was visible, and this was not a sophisticated shred job but are sometime very easy to read of the look at that. on top of all the personal information, two parade goers say they also found the confidential details of mitt romney's motorcade dug the presidential debate on long island last month.
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and jonathan hunt is live with us in manhattan. this is embarrassing. >>jonathan: certainly is. imagine standing there as a parade goer you see the confetti falling and you pick up one piece and it appears to have a social security number on it and as they looked at more and more and more they found more and more personal information. >> this was a number, and "ssn" and we thought it was just one in a million and we picked up a handful off the ground and we started looking through them and found more and more. >>jonathan: the problem is that the papers were shredded the wrongay, so a lot of this information was easy to read. >>shepard: what do the cops say? than the police department has admitted this is stuff stuff
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putting identity a statement that reads "the police department is very concerned about this situation. we will be conducting an investigation into this matter as well as reviewing our procedures for the disposing of sensitive document." macy's organizes the parade they say, that wasn't our confetti we used commercially made stuff and they said in part in their statement, all parade participants leave all personal effects behind when they change in their costumes and all clown costumes come with a bag of small commercial multicolored confetti, which is safe to use and light to carry. so the macy's clowns are innocent and the clowns among the nassau police department are less so. >>shepard: and all clowns scary. the supreme court allowing a christian college to continue their fight against president obama's signature health care law.
12:17 pm
virginia-based liberty university, challenged the requirement that large employers provide health care coverage to workers and claims that forcing schools particularly that school, to cover workers' birth control violates their religious principles and challenges the so-called individual mandate which requires everyone to get insurance by 2014 or pay a penalty. last year, a federal appeals court threw out the university case ruling it didn't have jurisdiction. but, today, the supreme court cleared the way for the lawsuit to proceed in a lower court. the high court upheld the individual mandate in 5-4 vote. >> after the war in afghanistan is officially and finally over, the united states could keep thousands of troops. the plan for the "after the draw down" next. on the day caylee anthony disappeared someone went to look on the intent to look for specifics on suffocation. they missed it. the prosecution has egg all over their face and people all over the nation are asking, can we
12:18 pm
try this case again?
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>>shepard: you thought our military might get out of afghanistan? our presence could continue after the combat missions end. a top, or a series of top officials say an option under consideration called for 10,000 students to stay behind beyond 2014 when afghan forces will take over security. that is in direct contrast from withdrawal of iraq partly because they could be reconditioned to stay but doing it different in afghanistan will involve many of the same obstacles. and now jennifer, what are the
12:22 pm
military leaders saying? >>reporter: most defense officials assume there will be one more fighting season next year in afghanistan going in the spring and going through next fall. general allen the top u.s. commander in afghanistan reportedly wants to keep 60,000 troops through the fighting season, most of the troops who are already there. there are indications that he will recommend that the united states also keep 0,000 troops after 2014 including 1,000 special operators to keep a lid on things. this is how defense secretary panetta recently described his vision. >> afghans will be in the lead throughout the country on security until 2013 and africans will take full responsibility for security by the end of 2014. >>reporter: the final decision is up to president obama and defense secretary panetta will speak with general allen about
12:23 pm
what they will recommend to the president. >>shepard: after that, we have to know what the afghans want, right? >>reporter: that is right. a key point is that the state department has just started negotiating status of forces agreement, what we remember as the sofa agreement that was the sticking point in iraq when the pentagon wanted to keep u.s. forces behind and they could not come up with a deal for soldiers and troops left behind so the united states pulled out come completely. a reason the united states wants to keep 10,000 troops in administration has to do with the fact the afghans do not have a functioning airport although the united states has spent hundreds of millions to build one, you can also expect that u.s. forces will stay until april 2014 when afghanistan will have the next presidential election and karzai most likely will be replaced by another president because
12:24 pm
constitutionally he cannot stay on. >>shepard: thank you, jennifer. in case you were not fully aware the casey anthony trial was a complete debacle now we have proof. a bombshell discovery that may have meant a very different outcome in the case. investigators say someone in the casey anthony household did indeed google "foolproof suffocation method." foolproof. the very day the 2-year-old casey anthony disappeared, fool roof suffocation. cops overlooked that piece of evidence. they just didn't notice it on the computer. they cannot say for sure who was using the computer at the time we they say they logged on to her myspace page. first they search for "suffocate fully" and then they logged on
12:25 pm
to her my space page. she was acquitted last year and the dense team argued they helped her father cover up the drowning death in the pool and casey anthony has been living in hiding since. and phil keating covered this disgusting affair and officials in florida which is the orlando metropolitan area say, well, we should have looked there, i get, we should have looked on the computer for full suffocation. phil: that doesn't mean the claim it was a mistake but one person who does not buy this is the former lead attorney but we are talking about the orange county sheriff which so famously never thoroughly searched those woods that everyone just a quarter of a mile from the anthony home for a full six months when the bones of little caylee were found. the judge thought the google search was intentionally buried because it contradicted the
12:26 pm
state's entire story line. >> you cannot have your cake and eat it two. she is at home on the computer or she left at 12:50. it create as new amount of doubt that george anthony and casey anthony were home when she died. >> it was the father who told police and claimed on the stand that he saw casey leave the house at 12:50 with caylee still alive on that day but this search on the internet happened a full hour after that. >>shepard: this could have changed everything including the state's attorney line. phil: that is debated whether it could have changed the highly controversial not guilty verdict which of course came july 5th, 2011, after ten hours of deliberating. after that, before the jury went into hiding many times for their own safety, some said that, remember, they were faced during deliberations with as were
12:27 pm
evidence that little caylee accidentally drowned as she was actually killed. and if this foot proof search been entered as most of the other internet searches that were at trial, the prosecution would have claimed this was done by casey and her lawyer would have claimedded it was done by george, however, in reaction to this new discovery that is being reported in orlando the prosecution says, now, they wished any had known about this at trial and the sheriff now believes when you have a case of this magnitude perhaps they will reach out to the f.b.i. next time for cyber assistance. >>shepard: a jetblue flight has new been forced to land after it hit a bird after take off coming in the last few minutes, with a video we have. mechanics check out the plane for damage. it was headed from 40 lauderdale to puerto rico and officials say the bird hit a engine and turned
12:28 pm
around, landed safely back at the airport and everything was fine but the most famous bird strike ended up with this, the miracle on the hudson, captain sully safely landing the flight if the hudson river in 2009 and that happened to be a flock of geese. the jetblue in fort lauderdale and everyone is fine. a warning from the feds, those budgetans that look too good to be true are probably too good to be true. today the feds conducted a major bust rounding up criminals on the web looking to steal your cash. that is coming up. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about low-cost investing. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at schwab, we're committed to offering you tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 low-cost investment options-- tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like our exchange traded funds, or etfs tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 which now have the lowest tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 operating expenses tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 in their respective tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lipper categories.
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we can help. call unitedhealthcare to learn about medicare plans that may be right for you. call now. ♪ >>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. it is black friday and small business saturday didn't quench your 30 for holiday shopping, according to a research firm americans are expected to spend $1.5 billion today, cyber monday, a 20 percent jump from the same day last year. holiday shipping is off to a record start. the national retail federation reports starting on thanksgiving a report 247 million shoppers visited stores and sites over the four day weekend and the average spent $25 more this year than last year. the fox business network reporter is live in new york
12:33 pm
city newsroom. >>guest: good news. a very interesting week end for retailers. 40 percent of annual revenues for all the retailers come in november and december. some of these companies, this is crucial for their survival. 22 million are expected to shop today. back on friday, video at midnight on friday at macy and they got deal, spending $398 average last year and $423 this year on acknowledge. online sales is the big story. although we have cyber monday today, americans went online, on friday, 50 percent of americans shopped online on black friday and that is a measure record. so, cuss foxes, consumers, are finding you get the same deals online. a big winner in this category
12:34 pm
was walmart. they had the number two most visited website on black friday behind amazon which always wins each year but walmart coming in as a winner for the black friday despite the fact that you had protests across the country but still people went to walmart and they spend. there is a lot of controversy about the retailer opening up the night of thanksgiving, some at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving, walmart, target, toys 'r us, it paid off if them. 26 percent more americans shopped on thanksgiving this year than last year. even today they are shopping. >>shepard: the world is ending. thank you, and if you find an online sale on cyber monday? the feds say it could be crooks trying to steal from you. criminals are tricking people
12:35 pm
into buying cheap knock off of designer goods, scammers set up fake websites that look like the real deal, in order to steal shoppers' cash and today had was a huge bust stretching all the way to europe. how many websites have been busted? >>trace: 132 in the united states and europe. each year the websites churn out new products and they look good. you go on to these and back in the day it was all about dvd and phone any wants and now they produce everything from phony cancer drugs to airbags for your car and as you can see, very high end retail stuff. >> these websites sold products representing 41 different right holders of united states companies from baby carriers, hats, nike sneakers and tiffany jewelry, and nfl jerseys. and counterfeit adobe software
12:36 pm
was for sale. >>shepard: the baby carriers were tested for safety and they failed. so, clearly, the stuff you buy by knock offs can cost you a lot more than just your money. >> plenty of websites shut down and a great photo open for the people that shut it down but no one arrests. and it is knowledged that the criminals are getting good at this. they set up the webs in various countries, they put several layers of security under the wents and by the time they get them the bad guys gone. this right here is the phony website, i think, this is the phony website and it almost is identical to the real website for ergobaby and the feds stay is a problem. listen. >> the counterfeiters are intentionally trying to mimic or duplicate the feel of the legitimate site so they can
12:37 pm
drive legitimate traffic of the legitimate sales and, literally, rip people off in a way they have no idea they went to a counterfeit site. trace you have to be an expert to notice that, this, by the way, will pop up, on a site, with thieves and they will tell you this is no longer in business but the products are getting better and the websites are getting bet cher is why people spent a great deal of money on phony stuff around the world. >>shepard: how do you know if you are getting a real deal? the foam head of the f.b.i.'s cybercrime investigations, now managing director which is a global forensic firm. how do you know? >>guest: that is a tough question. when you are dealing with someone who is so far away how do you know the product when you cannot see it as you can in a brick and mortar type business? you really should check out the
12:38 pm
company and there are ways to do that. a lot of us shop online all year long not just on the day of great deals. when you have a deal that looks to good to be true, it could be too good. >>shepard: if you google a product you want to buy you get a lot of retailers that offer it and you click on with a good price how do you know whether that price...give me a way to check. >>guest: when you go to a website some people dig deeper and look for contact information, or privacy policy, e-mail addresses for exchange, or, actually, an address of a a legitimate company, so, usually companies that will take something back from you will give you the legitimate information for running it or have return policies. some of these people will not take a credit card and with credit carts you have protection that you would not have sending a check through the mail. >>shepard: if all they take is
12:39 pm
pay pal is it not good enough? >>guest: when you do not know where the site is going, just type in the website company name and "complaint" and see if there are other complaints under a "who is" command and get your teen to do it and it will tell you who that company is registered to. so you can see what the internet site is registered to, so, that is what we have as a clue to see where we are. >>shepard: black friday turned ugly at a fight at a mall north of sacramento. pretty good fight, witnesses say the guys just saturdaying hitting each other. some reports say they were fighting over a pair of shoes. dudes fighting over shoes. there were no arrests. probably should have been.
12:40 pm
parent would worry about their kids driving habits can hire someone to spy on their children if they want the children to hate them, to follow drivers in secret. details on that next. syrian rebels are making major advances and the regime in syria could be close to collapsing. there are new signs today on the civil war in syria ahead. ou tur? maybe you want to incorporate a business. orrotect your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like the help of an attorney. at legalzoom a legal plan attorney is available in most states with every personalized document to answer questions. get started at today. and now you're protected. what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>>shepard: the anti-government rebels fighting to take out syrian leader bashar al-assad have made some important major gains. the rebels seized recently five syrian military facilities including one near the capital of damascus which is the power center of the syrian regime. the middle east analysts say the tide is turning against the syrian government but the
12:44 pm
fighting will continue for many months. the syrian civil war has led to the deaths of 40,000 people. >> car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens in the united states. so it is understandable a lot of parents are nervous handing over the keys. a company is offering to tailgate teen drivers without telling them, spying on your children. the undercover operation reports back to parents with details how fast they drive, whether they are texting, talking and whether they are buckled up. and now, like with these disgusting parents in los angeles. adam? >> only in california, right? $99 gets you off duty or retired police officer for 20 minutes, he will follow your teen around and then provide a written report. the teens are told they will be followed at some point but not when so it is semi secret. we went along if a mission in san diego and the young lady we followed around did a great job
12:45 pm
as we fold her and her dad was glad to see that and he said that although she did so well down the line he might do it again. >> you have nothing to lose. you get a good report it is peace of mind. if you get a bad report maybe you head off a potential problem for you and other people. for less than $100 it is win-win. >>reporter: the numbers are staggering motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the united states, accounting for 36 percent of all deaths and half of all teen passengers occur when another is driving with the lowest seatbelt use of drivers and 90 percent admit doing multiple tasks like talking on the phone and eating and channel surfing or goofing around with friends. >> more teens are killed in car crabs because not just the limited skill set but the addition tractions on the cell phone, texting, and having other kids in the car. >> the number one way teens are
12:46 pm
dying in the united states is in drugs or gang violence and the roadways. so there is a need. >> and mom and patch could -- mom and dad could be next, there is a suggestion you could find them following elderly drivers do make sure grandma and grandpa are doing the right thing. >>shepard: terrific. we have judge napolitano. that is pesky. you spy on your children. this is how to make the family unit better and teach children about trust. >>judge napolitano: it and a way for parents not to concern whether they are good drivers. let the off-duty cops worry. if you are going to give the kids the keys of your car, because the cops are going to follow your kids are you going to be concerned with the way
12:47 pm
they drive? how about teaching the kids how to drive and not giving them the key if they don't drive properly. that is one. two, these are cops, they could be off duty and out of the uniform but they have a government issued badge and a government issued gun. they are still cops. they are still using the power ofthe government, the badge and the gun and the quip 349 to spy on someone. maybe a child, doesn't matter. children have constitutional rights. this is a serious violation of the 4th amendment right of the person spied on whether it is my grandmother or my nephew. >>shepard: this spying thing seems to be the rage in the united states. we spy open you for everything, spying is fun and good, and, by the way we spy on little johnny and janey and they will not be bad drivers and may not die. >>judge napolitano: the federal government says if we don't spy on you we can't keep you safe and then they are
12:48 pm
spying on churn and soon we will look like east germany when you spied on someone if you didn't report what you saw, you could be prosecuted for not reporting your neighbor. do we really want do live in a ? that is where this will lead us. no one wants kids in accidents. if they are bad drivers don't let them drive. >>shepard: this bunch worried we will become greece they do not care if we become east germany. we are spying at everyone on every turn, on line, in the streets, and everyone thinks it is fine, fine, good. >>judge napolitano: privacy out the window brings the government into the bedroom, the kitchen and now into the car. >>judge napolitano: pleasure to be here. >>shepard: a month since the storm devastated parts of new york and new jersey and now
12:49 pm
leaders are asking the feds to help out with billions in clean up costs, that is how it impose. coming up. ctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>shepard: a month after super storm sandy wreaked havoc, officials are asking for more for clean up, costing the state $42 billion according to cuomo's office, higher than the previous estimates and boom blurring -- bloomberg is asking for $10 million for costs in the city and in jersey they will need extra help from the state and the feds for years to come. and now, the news live on pleasant beach, new jersey. how does it look there, rick? rick: it is rough. the price tag for new jersey is
12:53 pm
more than $29 billion. at point pleasant, they are clearing debris with a bobcat for the first time is chopping up the boardwalk and the front of the white sands hotel which is on the ocean here. you can see they rebuilt the berm of sand but the dunes are gone, obviously. the sand berm hopefully will protect people. a lot of the sand that wanted in east ocean came ashore and filled this swimming pool. it is cleared off of the streets but the town is still in many ways a mess. >>shepard: is anyone living there? rick: we met a resident who is one of the few who has a home that was built high enough close to the water that it wasn't swamped. anyone who had homes built in the last few years had to build to code and they were high enough so they were able to avoid the worst of sandy.
12:54 pm
she said she still is living there but one of the few left. listen. >> people did not raise their houses because they said my parents built this house and water never came in and we are not racing it. well, it caught up with them 50 years later. rick: the white sands hotel has a product on the other side of ocean avenue that is open, and they want people to know if they want did come they can but they hope to get this property repaired in time for memorial weekend next year. >>shepard: intense flooding in the united kingdom killed one person and forced hundreds from their homes. it is happening in a town a couple hours north and west of london. the rain fell for days, nonstop. it swamped huge areas of farmland and washed out roads. some were strands in the filthy water and filling homes. folks north of london are bracing for possible flooding as the rains head their way.
12:55 pm
cutting edge fashion now, involved in 72-year-old grandfather dressed up in girl's clothes. the farmer turned fashion model. [ female announcer ] the humana walmart-preferred rx plan p-d-p
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gives you a low national plan premium... so you can focus on what really matters. call humana at 1-800-808-4003.
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>>shepard: breaking news from egypt, where we were reporting the president there, president morsi has done a power grab and people claimed he is trying to become dictator, well, the muslim brotherhood planned a mass rally to support that decision from morsi but they have called it off saying they called off the street demonstration to lessen congestion and avoid "public dense." it appears the paid could be turning in egypt. a 72-year-old farmer from china has become an internet star because of the new career as cross dressing model. it started when he put on a
12:59 pm
jacket from his granddaughter's closing line if teen girls and it was for laughs but, she took photos and they went viral, and the 72-year-old grandfather now is the new face of the clothing line, and he has had to turn down offers for other modeling jobs. you go! and before we wrap it up, a lessen for the kids, lying can get you out of trouble. a head master out at a school outside of london says that students who commit minor offenses can avoid punishment if they can come up with a quick excuse for their behavior. he says when he confronts the rule breakers he gives them ten seconds to talk their way out. if the lie is good enough, the head master lets them go saying the practice helps give them verbal skills they need to succeed. of course some say the head master is trying students to be politicians. i don't know, england, thankfully. that is it for "studio b"

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